Primary The RINO 🦏 2

10 Kerry Bennighoff PA State Representative House Majority Leader.(R)


Kerry A. Benninghoff
140 West High Street
Bellefonte, PA 16823


Term Ends: 2022


So What Should We Do?

For those who asked “what do we do?” in PA in response to those five counties I posted the registration problems with:

1. Put the heat on the entire state Republican party, specifically Corman, Benninghoff, Cutler, and Grove, the worst of the RINO coalition there.

2. Ask Lawrence Tabas (PA GOP chair) to get busy demanding answers. These issues with the registration info demand answers, even if the info posted yesterday matches real voters to some degree (I’m saying I’m confident it’s not all malfeasance).


Also removed Representative Mike Jones of 93rd District from his Committee positions for endorsing candidates against incumbent endorsed GOP Stan Saylor and Keith Geilepsi.

Ryan P. Aument

Senate District 36   

Republican (Term Expires: 2022) serving Lancaster (part) County.

Senator Ryan Aument 
Senate Box 203036
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3036
Room: 9 East Wing
(717) 787-4420
FAX: (717) 783-3156
Senator Ryan Aument 
301 East Main Street
Lititz, PA 17543
(717) 627-0036
FAX: (717) 627-1389

Twitter @SenatorAument

Instagram: Senator_Aument

After serving in the United States Army, Ryan spent three years as a production supervisor at ICI Paints in Reading, while also winning a seat on the Quarryville Borough Council. He later managed the state House campaign of a high school friend, Bryan Cutler. After Cutler won office, he hired Ryan as a key aide. Ryan then won office as Lancaster County Clerk of Courts and went on to win two terms in the State House and later, two terms in the State Senate, where he served as chair of the Senate Education Committee and the Senate Communications and Technology Committee. Along with representing the constituents of the 36th State Senatorial District, Ryan also formed and now chairs the first ever Nuclear Energy Caucus in a state legislature in the nation and serves as Majority Caucus Secretary for the Senate Republican Caucus. During his tenure, Ryan secured his status as a government reformer by helping to establish the Office of State Inspector General, an office tasked with preventing, detecting, and eradicating fraud in Pennsylvania government. He also introduced legislation, signed into law by Gov. Wolf, promoting stronger restrictions and penalties for the misuse of SNAP benefits, protecting dollars meant to feed hungry Pennsylvanians

Primary The RINO 🦏

This is a List of Republicans In Name Only for York County State House And Senate and GOP.

1 Representative Stan Saylor (R) Red Lion PA 94th District Appropriation Committee. Voted yes on SB266, University of Pittsburgh Fetal Tissue Practice.

Voted like a Democrat wasn’t conservative enough on issues. Didn’t come out during Covid lockdown to hear what the people wanted and needed. Compromised on bills by Democrats in the state house. Career politician. Voted out by Wendy Fink with a 57% win

2 Representative Keith Geilepsi (R) Hellam PA 47th District. Wasn’t conservative enough and didn’t come out to meet his constituents in Hellam County during Covid lockdown to hear what his people wanted or needed, career politician. Voted out by Joe D’Orsie

3 York County Republican Committee Chairman Jeff Piccola Resigned. Piccola violated the County bylaws of the GOP. By not having the County GOP to vote on endorsing Bill McSwain a Gubertoral Candidate for 2022 Primary Election. And individually endorsed McSwain himself after telling the Committee that we aren’t going to endorse anyone until after the elections are over.

4 Representative Kate Klunk (R) York County PA 169th District State House. Voted for SB266 Fetal Tissue Practice for Pittsburgh University. Won’t fight for Election Audits or Integrity in Elections. Afraid of losing her position. On the Judiciary Committee. email address:

Phone (717) 630-8942

Twitter @RepKateKlunk

11505 Susquehanna Trail S, Glen Rock, PA 17327

5. Representative Seth Grove (R) Spring Grove York County PA State Legislature. Voted on ACT 77 while trying to fix his own mess by working on Election Integrity and Reform.

2501 Catherine St, York, PA 17408

+1 717-767-3947

Twitter @repgrove

6 Representative Bryan Cutler (R) Lancaster 100 Legislative District Majority House Leader. Dismissed election Fraud claims. Also Removed Pennsylvania Legislature Mike Jones from his Committee positions for endorsing candidates against incumbent endorsed candidates of the GOP.

Twitter @RepBryanCutler


139 Main Capitol Building
P.O. Box 202100
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2100

7 Representative Chris Dush Senator 25th District of Pennsylvania (R)

Term Ends: 2024

(Cris Dush is part of the Rino cabal in Pennsylvania running a fake audit with Representative Jake ‘the Snake’ Corman that will go nowhere)

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano, a longtime supporter of Donald Trump, has been pushing for an Arizona-like audit of his state’s 2020 election. The Dems and RINOs are fighting hard against it. Really hard.

Unfortunately, Mastriano suffered another setback today. RINO Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman stripped Mastriano of his audit powers and handed them to fellow RINO Cris Dush, all but ending the chance for a real audit in Pennsylvania.

8 Dan Laughlin PA Senate (R) District 49 Erie Area


Senate Box 203049
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3049

Twitter @SenatorLaighlin

Term Ends: 2024

District 49 (Erie area)

9 David Argall Legislative District 29 (RINO)



Senator David Argall
Senate Box 203029
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3029
Room: 171 Main Capitol

Term Ends: 2024

Donald Trump lashed out Monday at two Pennsylvania Republicans who he said are resisting an audit of the 2020 presidential election.

“Why is State Senator Jake Corman of Pennsylvania fighting so hard that there not be a Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam? Corman is fighting as though he were a Radical Left Democrat, saying that a Forensic Audit of Pennsylvania not take place,” Trump said in a statement.

“Why is Senator David Argall playing the same game? Are they stupid, corrupt, or naive? What is going on?” Trump asked.

The former president added that other state senators want the audit to take place “immediately” and that those opposing it will face repercussions.

York County Primary Election

Months before the Pennsylvania Primary Election on May 17 began. Candidates raced to get signatures for petitions to be on the primary ballot for May 17 Pennsylvania Primary. With little time left to do so.Because of Pennsylvania redistricting of maps took up to last minute with a few weeks to get petitions out and circulated everyone was in a rush. The candidate had to ask for endorsements as soon as they could or receive them.

Several new candidates entered the election field this year against long standing incumbent candidates and career politicians. These candidates are anti establishment candidates like Wendy Fink who out voted Stan Saylor of the 94th PA district house with 57% win vote and Joe D’Orsie who ran against Keith Geilepsi of the 47th District PA another long standing incumbent RINO.  With Representative Mike Jones of York County 93rd District endorsing Joe D’Orsie and Wendy Fink against York County GOP Chairman Jeff Piccola endorsements of incumbent candidates.  Jeff Piccola decided to censure Mike Jones which he failed to do.

Late during the election night Jeff Piccola York County GOP Chairman put in his resignation letter.  Another challenger in the Pennsylvania Primary Election was Matthew Smith of Manhiem Township of 169th district incumbent candidate Kate Klunk who has run 8 times uncontested and was now contested in the primary election.

Matt Smith is a candidate for the people who will work for the people he’s anti establishment along with the other two I mentioned. He plans to run again in two years.

Some other races that took place were the Republican Committee people races. I myself being a Precinct Committeeman was on the ballot for primary election for Republican Committeeman where I kept my seat and won my  ticket with 400 votes. There were many people who chose to run for Republican Committeeman as write-ins and won and filled their seats. We now have America First Precinct Committeeman and women that were elected to outnumber the RINOs in the committee.
York County GOP is sensing a change in the rules and committee the great awakening of York County is on the way.

We Can Win This Battle!

                                                    We Can Win This Battle

I want to set the record from the beginning. We can indeed win this battle. Better still, Independents, Un-decides and Moderates are not the ones who need to decide who wins elections. The battle for America can be won without having to convince a single independent voter or non-Christian, non-conservative about anything. The battle for America begins and ends with Christians and Conservatives. The task is well within our reach.:

“Aside from the fact that more than 55% of the country agrees with most of our beliefs, there are more than sixty million Evangelical Christians of voting age in America. Some twenty-four million of them are not even registered to vote. Of the thirty-six million who are registered to vote, not all do.”

David Barton

In 2004, 122 million voted in the general election. George bush won that year by three million votes. In 2006 only ninety-six million voted. Karl Rove even noted that the Republican House Majority was lost by only three thousand votes.

As A Result, We See these Trends:

In 2004 almost 28.9 million evangelicals voted and voted Biblical values and consequently 78% of the new senators and 63% of the new representatives who came to Washington that year were pro-life.

In 2006 only 20.5 million evangelicals voted (8.4 million less than in 2004, and that year only 10% of the new senators and only 31% of the new representatives were pro-life.

In the two years following the 2004 election most of the key pro family propositions passed in many of the states. In the years after the 2006 elections, some of the worst anti-family and anti-biblical laws were passed by the US Senate and House. With up to 39 million of us sitting on the sidelines, presidential and senate races were being won or lost by a few hundred thousand votes here and there in key states or a paltry of 200 votes in Florida in 2000. We could have determined every one of those outcomes.

Lest you forget, that its only because of those two thousand votes that President Bush was able to appoint the correct judges and pro-life congress with a pro-life platform was able to legislate a ban on partial birth abortions. A procedure which partially delivers a baby that could live outside the womb and sucks its brains out while it is still alive. A procedure, mind you, that Barrack Obama the president that succeeded Bush, believed should remain legal.

Those pro-life senators and presidents and state congressperson went on to pass over five hundred state and federal pro-life bills, causing the greatest decrease in abortion since its height of 1.6M abortions a year (which destroys the liberal lie that electing pro-life representatives have no effect on abortion or abortion laws). But as we will see abortion is only the beginning.

In many elections, Christians vote for representatives, judges, senators, and even presidents who have moral beliefs and worldviews that are specifically condemned in the Bible. They ignore the clear Biblical mandate on what kind of the person they are to vote for.

Exodus 18:21 you shall select from all the people competent men who (reverently) fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; you shall place these over the people as leaders (officials) of thousands of hundreds, of fifties and of tens.

Deuteronomy 1:13 Chose for yourselves wise, understanding, experienced, and respected men from your tribes, and I will appoint them as heads (leaders) over you.

They also seem to forget that the President of the United States does far more than function as a cheerleader for the country. He leaves a legacy of hundreds of judges (not just Supreme Court, but every federal judge in every district).

Sadly, most of the setbacks that Christians have seen in that last century have been due to judges with anti-Christian Worldviews. In addition, with his bully pulpit and a compliant legislature, the president effectively holds the purse strings to billions of dollars that can go to causes that actively grieve the heart of God and destroy our society from within. He also appoints people with incredible power to push personal agendas, and when those people do not feel kindly to evangelicals or God’s moral laws, their agendas and their rulings directly affect children, churches, the discrimination and of the Gospel and our freedom to witness to others.

A simple example was Obama’s appointment Kevin Jennings, the founder of the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network to be the Scholl Czar. His organization had agenda in the public schools to recommend a pornographic reading list for underage students. A reading list that includes the glorification of adult on minor gay person sex, books that your kids will be forced to read. The of course there’s Same Sex Marriage, self-proclaimed transgender men in women’s bathrooms and the business and medical industry destroying Obama Care.

With so many Christians not voting do you see that this battle is just among Christians. If Christians can educate and encourage enough others to vote and that too, vote morally and biblically, we can change this country in a single election cycle.

Another way I will encourage Christians to get involved is by joining your local respective Republican Committee and becoming a precinct committee member. By doing this you will have a chance to become a poll watcher or poll worker in your local polling place during election day and have a chance to be a candidate on your primary ballot to be voted on and elected only elected precinct committee people can vote on bylaws and vote on county chairperson. Precinct committee member can petition candidate nominees to be on the general and primary ballots for election day. Also, the more conservative the committee members are the more conservative the party will be. You also get to send people to the state committee who then will vote on the state chairperson who vote on the Republican National Committee chairperson like Ronna McDaniel. You will have the chance to change the republican party from inside out.

I also encourage Christians to get involved in your school boards and become a school board member, a member of the PTA, PTO, or county council, town council or run as local state representative. As a Christian we need to also be smart intelligent voters and do our research and vote smart according to our faith and values and beliefs to be good Christian patriots.

You can also be good patriots and Christians by doing your due diligence and research each candidate and they beliefs and values and issues what they stand for a good site would be or where you can find how they voted positions on issues ratings they have gotten and bio and funding. Another way if you like to be to donate to your favorite candidate’s campaign.

Hands On Politics

I am a Republican Committeeman for the York County Republican Party and a Heritage Sentinel and poll watcher for four elections now. I offer some thoughts here on election integrity and restoring our Republic back to the way it once was.

Being inside the polls at my precinct has a lot to do with election integrity.

One method of protecting elections is to get involved in your local county Republican Party by becoming a precinct committeeman or woman. Precinct committee people can nominate and elect candidates to run on the primary and general election ballots. You also have an opportunity to be on the primary ballot as well.

You can also recruit new members to their local precinct polling places to fill empty spots. The more conservative committee people in the party, the more conservative the party becomes, and these people can elect county chairmen, which then elect the state chairmen, which elect the RNC chairmen like Ronna McDaniel. You will have the chance to become a poll worker or observer in your polling place and assure that elections are safe and secure. You will also be able to bring out voters in your area to increase voting turnout by reaching out to voters and giving them a call or sending out mail ballots. 

If you are interested in becoming a precinct committeeman or woman for your local polling place, go to, where Dan Schultz, precinct committeeman for Legislature District 18 in Arizona, provides tons of information on precinct committee strategy, including how to increase low voter turnout in elections, and how the system works for nominating candidates on  the ballots. At the top right hand there is a link that can connect you with other conservatives as well as our social media and collaboration platform called You can connect with other precinct committee people across the country or in your state to get hooked up to your local precinct committee. There we can organize a national network of America First precinct committeeman and women, like the Committees of Correspondence of the 1770s founded to oppose the tyranny of King George III and his redcoats. Unify or Die, as the age-old saying goes.  

I started out as a volunteer for the Trump Victory reelection team door knocking and phone banking. This is the same way that Obama won his two elections when he ran for president. Over 2.2 million campaign volunteers canvassed and phone banked every election. I always say that the best way to beat your enemy is to learn from them and use it against them. I would suggest reading Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals or Elizabeth McKenna and Hahrie Han ‘s Groundbreakers. How Obama’s 2.2 Million Volunteers Transformed Campaigning in America or the Dan Schultz book How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Trump Win.

My strategy is that I ask the local GOP to provide me with list of all voters in my precinct with numbers and addresses, how often they voted in the past primary or general election, and if they are weak Republican, strong Republican, swing voter, weak Democrat, or strong Democrat. Then I make an Excel list filtering weak Republicans by focusing on voter frequency of 0-2 voters. I create my own Get Out the Vote postcards and candidate cards and mail them out before election day to all weak voters. Then, a couple days before the election, l make personal calls to voters asking them to come out and vote.

This time, since I’m on the ballot, I’ll ask the voters to vote for me and come out to vote by emphasizing that they’ll be voting for someone different — an outsider as opposed to a career politician, to encourage a greater voter turnout. I will also print out sample ballots and deliver them to my neighborhood, informing them that there are some good candidates by circling their names or coloring in the dots for them giving them the ballot to have to take into the polls.

As for recruiting candidates, I gave a friend of mine who belongs to a PAC the list of empty and filled spots asking him to ask people in his PAC if they be interested in serving on the precinct committee and encouraging them to get in contact with me.

Finally, every conservative person should know and study the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Pass copies on to friends and family members and talk with other people about conservative values and issues. If people don’t understand or know our values they won’t ever be brought over to the right side. 

Election Integrity and Restoring Our Constitutional Republic.

First the first thing that is important to restoring our Constitutional Republic is to learn the timeless truths of our country and our Founding Fathers. By reading the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution and studying it and learning it and teaching it to others that don’t understand it. Pass it on to your kids and your neighborhood or friends the more they know about the Constitution and Declaration of Independence the more informed they will be to restore America back to what it was and protect their freedoms. You can learn about the Constitution through a program like or Rick Greens Patriot Academy Course Constitution Alive or Biblical Citizenship In Modern Day America and become a Constitutional coach teach a glass.

Another important thing you can do to restore America and Election Integrity is to volunteer to be a Precinct Committeeman in your local precinct polling place. Becoming a Precinct Committeeman allows you to nominate candidates for primaries and general elections on to the ballots and if you don’t like the candidate you can vote them off nominate another candidate. You also get to be a primary election candidate yourself. You will help get out the vote for low propensity voters and door knocking and making personal calls to low propensity voters before elections. You get to elect County chairman who which elect State Committee Chairman who elect Republican National Committee chairman. You get to appoint new committee people to vacant seats in your local precinct polling district. You also get to be a poll watcher or poll worker for your precinct polling place.

The more committee people you have in your local precinct Legislature District the more conservative the Republican Party will be the more conservative it gets the more powerful our message will be at a 75-100% powerhouse message.

Third another way Precinct Committeeman and women or voters can keep our elections fair and restore America First is by downloading this app called VoterfyNow it’s election interigrty app that allows you to take pictures or record videos anonymously or write it in. If you see anything out of place at your polling place goes to a database to be challenged and others in your area can see it to be aware. I suggest everyone downloads.

If you are interested in becoming a Precinct Committeeman or woman first go to Dan Schultz site learn what it is if you are interested up at the top of his site click on Connect with Other Conservatives in Your state that should take you to to sign up for the communication and collaboration site for Precinct Strategy where you can connect with other precinct people in your state or across the country.

Finally you get involved yourself by running for office in your local government becoming a state representative, mayor, city council, state senate, school board member etc.

Your America-First Precinct Candidate!

I am 33 years old raised in Glen Rock Pa in the township of Manheim in York County. I was raised as a Christian growing up, I went to AWANAS in church as I got older, I went to youth group and later on became a youth group leader for the youth group and was also a Usher for my church and security guard. I taught a young adults bible study for awhile. It wasn’t until 2020 that became involved in helping with President Trumps campaign by becoming a Trump Victroy Team Leader volunteer by door knocking and making phone calls to voters. After that I signed up to become a member of the York County Young Republicans Club. Where I got to meet lots of political friendly officials in office and coming into office here them speak. I am also a Heritage Action Sentinel.


Pro God:

I believe that this country and nation was founded on Christian values and that without God there can be now natural human rights and no standard for morality and for objective Absolute Truth. Historically the pilgrims first landing here in Virginia had a dedication to the landing where one of the Rev gathered the people and said a prayer for the land and America to be a land of evangelism and for the people to be evangelist.


I believe that Israel is a great nation where the Jewish have finally come to regather back to their nation and have been blessed by God Almighty and became a nation in 1948 which is one the biggest biblical prophecies of our time which is why we should protect Israel and its people I acknowledge that Israels people are God’s chosen people but not God’s elected people. And that God will bless those who bless Israel. I acknowledge that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.


I believe that every life begins at conception and that no life should be deprived of life liberty and pursuit of happiness as the Constitution of The United States says in the 8th and 14th Amendments. That the unborn are unique and distinct human beings that are defenseless against anything. That God created them in His image.

Pro- Guns:

I am for the 2nd Amendment I will ensure that any candidate that the republican party nominates will be second amendment as well. I believe that the right to bear arms to form and organize a well-armed militia is constitutional and is acceptable to protect life and property and your goods and protect you from a tyrant government.

America First:

I will put America First by making sure that our local and state and federal representatives and our republican party are held accountable to the bylaws and Election laws of Pennsylvania. And drain the swamp that is in the Republican Party and send Conservative America First Precinct Committee to the State Committee to elect America First conservative county and State and RNC chairman. And fill and recruit new Committeemen and women to the local respective precinct polling places to make the Republican Party full strength. And increase the voter turnout in all elections and get out the vote

Constitutionalist: I firmly believe that the United States Constitution is our framework of freedom and our countries foundation along with the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence comes first in order to understand the United States Constitution.

Originalist: I believe that the constitution should be interpreted from it’s original intent not others opinions or interpretations or views that is the way Scalia and Amy Coney Barrett and Gorsuch interpret the constitution and the founding fathers.